Cover Story

Conformal optical elements offer the promise of enhanced aircraft and missile performance, as well as the potential of improved commercial applications such as microlithography and precision illumination. To turn potential into reality... more>>


Coatings for Cars and Communications

Automotive paints and WDM filters are two applications where advances in optical coatings are making their mark. Reiss takes a look at these two areas that are causing some head turning. more>>

Laser Pattern Generation for the Fabrication of Micro-Optical Elements

The need for micro-elements for compact optoelectronic systems has challenged fabrication technology. In this feature, Raguin and Morris discuss one new approach. more>>

Analog and Digital Signals: Seeing is Believing!

"Daddy—what's a digital signal?" Yikes! How do you explain a question like that? Analog and digital signals are all around us, but it's pretty hard to get across the basic concepts to kids or people with non-technical backgrounds. For instance, you can say, "Well, vinyl records are analog and CDs are digital," but it won't help because most kids these days have never even seen a vinyl record. more>>


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