New Advances Toward A Kilovolt X-Ray Amplifier

In 1895 Wilhelm C. Röntgen published his famous article entitled "Eine Neue Art von Strahlen,"1 which carried the important news of the discovery of X-rays. This advance, which preceded by five years the concept of the quantum of radiation introduced by Max Planck and recognized in 1901 with the first Nobel Prize in physics, led almost immediately to a class of important applications that remains in routine worldwide use today. The first demonstration of X-ray photography of a living body was performed2 on Frau Röntgen's hand in 1895 and Thomas A. Edison sought to make an X-ray image of the brain in the following year. A centenary commemorating Röntgen's discovery will be held in Berlin in June 1995. This history informs us that future advances in X-ray sources can be expected to herald expanded areas of applications.

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