Monolithic Integrated Multi-wavelength DFB Laser Arrays and Star Couplers for WDM Lightwave Systems

Traditionally, the increased transmission bandwidth has been accomplished by time-division-multiplexing through the increase in the transmission speed. This is because the cost in transmission per bit per kilometer of fiber has been decreasing continuously up to a speed of 2.5 Gb/sec. As a result, the transmission capacity has been about doubling every year from 1980 through 1988. Recently, commercial systems at rates of 1.2 and 1.7 Gb/sec have been installed, and 2.5 Gb/ sec systems are planned for new installations. For systems at higher bit rates beyond 2.5 Gb/sec, the fiber dispersion sets a limit on the transmission distances and their deployment relies on the availability of cost-effective high speed electronics.

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