Monolithically Integrated 21-Wavelength DFB Laser Array with a Star Coupler and Optical Amplifiers

We have reported previously multi-wavelength distributive feedback DFB laser arrays with as many as 20 wavelengths on a single chip fabricated by the use of strained-layer InGaAs/InGaAsP multi-quantum wells. A wavelength span as large as 131 ran in the 1.5 μm wavelength region, a 3 dB modulation bandwidth as high as 16 GHz, and a linewidth as small as 180 kHz have been obtained. More recently, we have demonstrated monolithic integration of the laser array with a star coupler and optical amplifiers on the same chip to simplify fiber pigtailing. These devices have potential application for high density wavelength divisive multiplexing WDM systems, as well as for optical networks using wavelength routing.

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