Our panel of editors reviewed more than 160 research summaries from scientists all over the globe. They selected for publication 30 stories that they felt most clearly communicated breakthroughs of interest to the optics community. Some of the summaries have related multimedia. Thanks to all who submitted summaries, as well as to our panel of guest editors: Robert D. Guenther, the panel chair, and guest editors Mihaela Dinu, Dmitry Dylov, Alexandre Fong, Andrew Forbes, Nicholas J. Frigo, G. Groot Gregory, Brooke Hester, Bob Jopson, Nick Lambert, Arlene Smith, Yanina Shevchenko, Zuleykhan Tomova and Stephen R. Wilk.


Near-thresholdless and chaotic approaches to laser systems

Particle Diagnostics

Singular, self-bending beams for microparticle control

Guided Waves

Nanowaveguide surface effects, microring resonators and all-fiber optical memory


Nanoscale traveling-wave and active-cavity laser optomechanics

Beam Shaping and Optical Control

Elegant Gaussian beams and phased-array optical antennas
for micromanipulation

Ultrafast Optics

Capturing flying photons and temporal tweezing of light

Mathematical Photonics

Subwavelength topological states and the evolution of many-body systems

Nonlinear Optics

Inverse four-wave mixing in optical fiber