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Coherent Introduces Highest Pulse Energy Ultrafast Amplifier System

Coherent Inc. has expanded the company’s family of Legend ultrafast amplifiers with the launch of the Legend Duo HE+ which delivers over 12 mJ/pulse at 1 kHz repetition rate—by far the highest energy per pulse of any thermoelectrically cooled commercial ultrafast amplifier at this repetition rate. Avoiding the use of cryogenic cooling simplifies operation and maintenance, resulting in lower cost of ownership and higher uptime. In addition, the Legend Duo HE+ is intrinsically more stable than other commercial amplifiers because it uses components and subsystems specifically designed to support Carrier to Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilized operation, the ultrafast technology most sensitive to noise and stability.

Coherent Inc. |Santa Clara, Calif., U.S.A. | +1.408.764.4231 |

Aerotech Introduces CCS Series Rotary Stage

 Aerotech’s CCS series rotary stages (patent pending) with integrated captured collet chucks provide automated material handling capability for a wide range of materials and applications. Collet chucks used with the CCS family accept C-, D- or Levin-style collets that are readily available from machine-tool component suppliers in sizes supporting tube diameters from 0.1 mm to 27 mm. These collets provide outstanding run-out characteristics for applications requiring high-precision gripping of tubular material.

Aerotech | Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.A. | +1.412.967.6854 |

Thorlabs Introduces New Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Thorlabs recently released the first product in a planned line of Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA). While many commonly available OSAs are grating-based monochromators, Thorlabs’ version utilizes a Fourier transform OSA with a scanning Michelson interferometer configuration. The result is a device that operates as both a full-featured OSA as well as a high-precision wavelength meter. The recently released OSA203 features a 1,000 – 2,500 nm wavelength measurement range, a spectral resolution of 7.5 GHz when used as an OSA, and a wavelength meter resolution of 0.2 pm.

Thorlabs Inc. | Newton, N.J., U.S.A. | +1.973.300.2554 |

CCD Based Fluorescence Spectrometer Boasts High Sensitivity and Low Dark Noise

 Edmund Optics introduces its new CCD Based Fluorescence Spectrometer. This versatile tool is designed specifically for fluorescence applications. The CCD Based Fluorescence Spectrometer features high sensitivity and low dark noise. It uses a TE cooled, 2048 pixel linear CCD array to provide long operation stability and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The CCD Based Fluorescence Spectrometer takes advantage of a wide 100 mm slit and a cylindrical lens to collect and focus the maximum amount of light possible onto a 200 mm pixel. This Spectrometer is perfectly suited for use in low light level applications where it is essential to detect even the weakest optical signal.

Edmund Optics Inc. | Barrington, N.J., U.S.A. | +1.800.363.1992 |

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Product Profiles

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