Cover Story

This special issue of Optics & Photonics News highlights the most exciting peer-reviewed optics research to have emerged over the past 12 months. more>>


Accelerating Optical Beams

Finding non-paraxial accelerating Airy beams. more>>

Fiber Technology

Light-steered waveguides, relief Bragg reflectors, sapphire derived fibers. more>>


Nanowire image sensor and photonic circuits made with Angstrom precision more>>

Nonlinear Optics

Ultrafast KeV X-rays from tabletop femtosecond lasers more>>

Novel Optical Detector

The near-field topography of light more>>

Optical Coherence Tomography

Microscope in a needle, timereversal tomography and true-color molecular imaging more>>

Optical Cooling

Spontaneous Brillouin cooling, lumino-refrigeration and controlling atoms with light more>>

Optical Tweezers

Moiré-based tweezers, a tweezer assembly line, dynamic light cages and an optical “bottle” more>>

Phase Control

Low-cost light shaping and SLIDAR more>>


Speckle-free laser imaging and gigapixel imaging more>>

Imaging Through Turbid Media

Using compressive sensing and digital holography to visualize partially occluding media more>>


Metamaterials with tailorable properties and optical nanoantennas more>>


All-optical radiocarbon dating more>>

Ultrafast Optics

Fast light and superluminal images, ultrafast optical clocks, and supercontinuum pulse compression more>>