Laser Extras

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Laser Extras

OSA Student Chapters Present...Laser Graffiti

This spring, OSA student chapters created instructional videos that incorporate laser graffiti as part of a LaserFest video contest. This video shows samples of laser graffiti from OSA student chapters around the world. For more information and updates on contest winners, visit


Lasers Gone Wild—A Sampling of
Award-Winning Laser Shows

The International Laser Display Association (ILDA) holds an annual contest to encourage innovation and creativity in laser shows. OPN is pleased to bring you samples of several of the 2009 award winners. These video clips, ranging from Pink Floyd and Metallica rock concerts to abstract-beam shows and cartoon-like images, demonstrate the range of artistic possibilities inherent in todays technology.

2009 ILDA Artistic Award Winners and Entries


Elsa Garmire's Laser Art

These photos, which were taken in 2010, combine images from red and green laser pointers that were simultaneously transmitted through textured window glass and projected onto white paper approximately a meter away.

—Jeremy Brouillet and Elsa Garmire, Dartmouth College

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