Cover Story

As display technologies shrink in size and grow in sophistication, digital “glasses” represent a next generation of mobile devices. more>>


The International Liquid Mirror Telescope

Early next year, the International Liquid Mirror Telescope—a collaboration between astronomical institutions in Belgium, Canada and India—will see first light. The instrument will provide substantial, in-depth sky coverage and make an unprecedented number of nightly observations. more>>

The Electrogyration Effect

Almost 200 years have passed since Arago observed optical activity in crystals, and it’s been more than 30 years since researchers have induced a spatial dispersion effect with an electric field—a phenomenon now known as electrogyration. more>>


A U.S. research team has demonstrated a reflection microscope with a tabletop-sized laser for illumination. more>>

A theoretical analysis suggests that tiny disk-shaped laser, sized in the micrometer regime, could give off directional, rather than uniform, illumination. more>>

The International Year of Astronomy's worldwide “100 Hours of Astronomy” project more>>


Light Touch

A Brief History of the Starbow

The rise and fall—and rise again—of an intriguing concept about relativistic space travel. more>>

Optics Innovations

LightLab Imaging: Uncovering Disease in Hard-to-Reach Places

LightLab Imaging was founded on a leap of faith—the belief that a tiny amount of light reflected from just below the surface of a tissue carries a wealth of diagnostic information. more>>

Policy Matters

Scientific Freedom of Speech: The Changing Tide

In the United States and Australia, scientists are being given more freedom to conduct and disseminate their work. more>>

The History of OSA

OSA Honors and Awards: The Lomb Medal, Mees Award and Fellows Program

Between 1940 and the mid-1960s, OSA created two awards to recognize early achievement and interdisciplinary collaboration in optics. The Society also established a distinguished class of Fellows. more>>

Conversations in Optics

Our conversation with Edward I. Moses, principal associate director of NIF and CLEO/IQEC speaker. more>>