Cover Story

Optical engineers require an array of sophisticated equipment to produce what Mother Nature creates effortlessly—optical filters that are diverse, complex and visually striking. more>>


Half a Century of Laser Weapons

Even before the laser was invented, science fiction writers saw rich potential in the use of light-beam “death rays” as powerful tools of destruction. But the real history of directed-energy weapons in the United States has been fraught with political and technical challenges and setbacks. more>>

Reflections on Total Internal Reflection

These authors probe some of the most fundamental approximations in optics to explore why total internal reflection is not as straightforward as it might seem. more>>


University of Illinois at Chicago researchers produced pairs of 80-fs, 800-nm pulses using a Ti:sapphire laser and a Michelson interferometer. more>>

Optical superlenses made with negative-refractive materials could allow much finer optical lithography and chip inspection. more>>

Substrate-Bound Proteins Create Image of Einstein more>>


Optics Innovations

LightPath Finds a New Path

How a niche telecom company turned into a high-volume supplier. more>>

The History of OSA

OSA’s First Four Presidents

A look back at the Optical Society’s founding fathers. more>>


Energy Solutions that Work Smarter, not Harder.

The 2008 OSA/MRS Congressional Fellow makes the case for an often-overlooked energy solution: increasing the efficiency of our existing resources. more>>