Technical writing and word processing using TeX

If you write technical papers or prepare manuscripts containing any significant amount of mathematics, you want to learn and use TEX. That's the bottom line of this article. TEX-nically speaking (and that's how "TEX" is pronounced), TEX is not a conventional word processor or text editor. Rather, it's a typesetting language. As such, it is a superb tool for preparing journal articles, long technical reports, and even entire books (my 1300-page Lasers book was done entirely in TEX). It has especially powerful capabilities for typesetting mathematics. But once you begin working with TEX, you will use it for a great many other things. You can write letters with your own letterhead and logo included in a predefined template; prepare slides and overhead transparencies directly from your manuscripts; compose flyers and announcements; and accomplish any other task that involves putting letters and ink marks on paper.


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