Cover Story

Three laser-based technologies are being applied with success to the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness. more>>


Advances in Efficiency, Speed Reported at OFC 2004

Researchers unveiled impressive results in component design and system performance at OFC 2004. Highlights included record low loss in a hollow photonic bandgap fiber and all-optical packet switching at a staggering rate of 160 Gbit/s. more>>

Holographic Bragg Reflectors, Photonic Bandgaps and Photonic Integrated Circuits

New developments in materials, guided-wave optics and lithography have enabled fabrication of centimeter-scale guided-wave photonic structures with nanometer-scale feature size. Potential application areas include photonic transport and processing. more>>

Key Enabling Technologies for Future Networks

New optical network enabling technologies are poised to trigger a paradigm shift in communications that can lead us down the path to ubiquitous service broadband networks. more>>

Relativistic Optics: A Gateway to Attosecond Physics

Compact lasers can now produce intensities so large that laser-matter interactions are dominated by the relativistic character of the electrons. The new field of relativistic optics offers a gateway to attosecond physics and nonlinear quantum electrodynamics. more>>