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When I was asked to write a historical sketch of contributions the Optical Society had made to programs in the defense industry which depend on optical techno logy, it seemed far too monumental a task too undertake. It was not a quest... more>>


Protecting the War Fighter's Vision In a Laser-Rich, Battlefield Environment

As the number of common laser wavelengths expands, fabricating appropriate multiline rejection filters becomes more difficult and their overall transmission declines. Against a frequency agile tunable laser that can produce a threat at many unpredictable wavelengths, fixed filters arc simply not effective. The passive nonlinear optical limiter offers the best hope for protection against these threats. more>>

Optical Technology in Naval Applications

From the days of telescopes and optical range finders, optics has played a significant role in Naval operations. Modern-day applications include missile guidance, night vision devices, electro-optical surveillance and reconnaissance, and target designation- to name only a few. The Navy has always been a strong supporter of technology because of the sophistication of the aircraft, ships and satellites it uses in its day-to-day operations. In keeping with its emphasis on technology, the Navy conducts active research and development (R&D) programs focused on cutting-edge applications. more>>


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