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As I write this article, it is autumn, 1979. Fifteen years ago, at this time of the year, Robert L. Powell and I performed some experiments at the Institute of Science and Technology (as it then was) at the University of Michigan, in the... more>>


Laser Electro-Optics Technicians: Specific Training Programs For Specific Needs

Advances can be achieved most effectively in high-technology fields such as laser electro-optics only if an adequate, well-trained work force exists. In the formative years of the early 1960's, research and development in laser technology was conducted primarily by engineers and physicists. more>>

Detection and Estimation in Optics: Basic Concepts

In recent years, more and more of those engaged in research and development engineering in optics have been applying the concepts of modern detection and estimation theory. At the 1978 annual meeting of the Optical Society of America, a Symposium on Detection and Estimation in Optics was presented. more>>


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