• Where Life Meets Light: Bio-Inspired Photonics

    Where Life Meets Light: Bio-Inspired Photonics

    Inspired by the results of natural selection, scientists are designing new and improved optoelectronic systems modeled after the way animals, insects and plants use light.

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  • Optical Coherence Elastography

    Optical Coherence Elastography

    OCE provides 3-D maps of tissue stiffness on the micrometer to millimeter scale, bridging a crucial gap in probing the mechanical properties of diseased tissues.

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  • Light Repairs Art: Optical Overlays Restore Faded Masterworks

    Light Repairs Art: Optical Overlays Restore Faded Masterworks

    Light or oxidation degrades dyes and pigments, altering artworks over the years and centuries. With some new techniques, art conservators can use light to restore the faded glory of a masterpiece without changing the original.

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First Exoplanet Visible-Light Spectrum Reported


Signal-to-noise boost allows researchers to log a reflected-light spectrum, at optical wavelengths, from a “hot Jupiter” 50 light-years away. view article »

Lasers Print Silicon on Paper


Researchers anneal liquid silicon with pulsed laser-light on paper. view article »

Metamaterial Energy Harvester Based on Full Absorption Concept


New platform could transfer nearly all incident waves that touch its surface into energy. view article »

A New Twist on Structured Light: Angular Acceleration


First demonstration of “speeded-up” twisted light could have applications in basic science and optically driven microfluidics. view article »

Can Patent Data Predict the Next Big Thing?


Research on patents in 28 different domains suggests that a few key metrics might provide clues to a technology’s future rate of improvement. view article »

Pentimento Revisited: Art, Printing and Optics


Three studies use optical and X-ray techniques to probe the history of paint on wood and the topography of ink on paper. view article »

R&D Funding Opportunities

AGENCY: U.S. Department of Defense | DUE
FUNDING: Unspecified | ELIGIBILITY: Unrestricted

This BAA solicits proposals against a broad range of night vision technologies. view article »

AGENCY: NSF of South Africa and The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research | DUE
FUNDING: Varied | ELIGIBILITY: Dutch and South African PIs

The Netherlands and South Africa have a joint interest in promoting and strengthening scientific cooperation in Astronomy (including Enabling Technologies for Astronomy). view article »

AGENCY: U.S. Department of Defense | DUE
FUNDING: Unspecified | ELIGIBILITY: Unrestricted

The US Army Business Interface Office is looking to identify and develop technologies for the purpose of generating future armament systems. view article »

AGENCY: U.S. Air Force | DUE
FUNDING: Unspecified | ELIGIBILITY: Unrestricted

This Open BAA encourages a flow of supplementary and/or complementary technologies for electromagnetic metamaterials. Such technologies may include active electronic matching networks, frequency selective structures, and periodic structure with engineered dispersion, including photonic band-gap materials, acoustic metamaterials. ONLY WHITE PAPERS ARE REQUESTED AT THIS TIME. view article »

AGENCY: The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research | DUE
FUNDING: €2,000 | ELIGIBILITY: Dutch university researchers

Dutch astronomers can offer instruction, lectures or scientific support to students and astronomers in developing countries from a few days to several weeks. view article »

AGENCY: European Commission | DUE
FUNDING: €3,000,000 | ELIGIBILITY: European Union

This call aims to support early-stage joint science and technology research for radically new future technological possibilities. view article »

AGENCY: U.S. Department of Defense | DUE
FUNDING: $75,000,000 total program | ELIGIBILITY: Nonprofits with 501(c)(3) status

The purpose of this Notice is to announce the U.S. Government's intent to launch a competition for the seventh Institute for Manufacturing Innovation. view article »

FUNDING: €25,000 (2 awards) | ELIGIBILITY: Female scientists with doctoral degrees

Fellowship are awarded to women at research institutes or universities in the Netherlands to help increase the number of female professors. view article »

AGENCY: European Commission | DUE
FUNDING: €80,000,000 | ELIGIBILITY: See full announcement

Promote international and inter-sector collaboration through research and innovation staff exchanges, and sharing of knowledge and ideas from research to market. view article »

AGENCY: European Commission | DUE
FUNDING: €20,000,000 | ELIGIBILITY: European Union

Provide funds to enable ERC funded ideas to be brought to a pre-demonstration stage where potential commercialization opportunities have been identified. view article »

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Industry News


Acquisition will create world’s largest wireless network equipment supplier by 2016. view article »


Lithography equipment maker expects similar showing in second quarter. view article »


Investment of 45 billion yen will bring production capacity to 87,000 wafers per month. view article »


Combined LED and automotive groups to sell for US$2.8 billion. view article »


Merrimack, N.H., company to provide laser range finder systems to U.S. Marine Corps. view article »


Photonics to see 22% CAGR thanks to evolving driver assistance features. view article »

Bright Futures Q&A: Michelle Xu

POSTED Mon, 27 Oct 2014 15:51:00 GMT

 OPN: Many people in science initially envision themselves in an academic career. Was that your initial goal? If not, what career trajectory were you envisioning for yourself?I did not initially consider an academic career because I was told tha more>>

How to Give a Great Research Presentation

POSTED Thu, 23 Oct 2014 19:16:00 GMT

Andrea Brear This post is based on content that has already appeared on the Propel Careers website. It is reproduced here with the author’s kind permission.How many times have you sat through a research presentation either nodding off or squin more>>

Painlessly Managing Your Workload

POSTED Thu, 02 Oct 2014 12:30:00 GMT

Arti Agrawal I felt like I had spent the whole summer working without a vacation, and still my to-do list seemed endless. After spending a few days feeling frustrated and stressed at my lack of progress, I started reading up on how people manage to more>>

How to Tell Your Advisor That You're Leaving Academia

POSTED Thu, 28 Aug 2014 20:21:00 GMT

Jena Pitman-Leung, Ph.D. This post is based on content that has already appeared on the Propel Careers website. It is reproduced here with the author’s kind permission.Many people enter into a Ph.D. program or postdoctoral fellowship thin more>>

Effectively Personalizing Your Resume

POSTED Tue, 26 Aug 2014 14:46:00 GMT

Arlene Smith I recently attended a career-themed panel discussion at an OSA Topical Meeting. Scientists and engineers from industry and academia were represented in the panel and the audience, so this was a great opportunity to hear from both sides more>>

Helpful STEM Resources for Young Women

POSTED Thu, 21 Aug 2014 13:00:00 GMT

On this blog and elsewhere, there has been considerable discussion of the dearth of women in STEM-related careers. A number of major tech companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and eBay, among others) recently released reports on the diversity o more>>

Introduction to Imaging from Scattered Fields


The central objective of this text is to present an overview of the generic problem of determining information about an object by measuring its scattered field. view article »

Photopolymers: Photoresist Materials, Processes and Applications


I don’t think that this is a good first book for a physicist interested in photolithography and corresponding photosensitive materials. This book is probably a better fit for a chemist who wants to learn the physical principles of optical lithographic techniques. view article »

Optical Imaging and Aberrations, Part III: Wavefront Analysis


Vini Mahajan’s recent publication has a wonderful description of orthonormal polynomials, quite useful in the analysis of optical systems with various entrance pupils. view article »

Advanced Concepts in Quantum Mechanics


This excellent, clear textbook is intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. view article »

Lasers and Electro-Optics: Fundamentals and Engineering, 2nd ed.


I recommend this textbook because of its pedagogical excellence. The author is an experimentalist and an experienced teacher. view article »

An Introduction to Practical Laboratory Optics


Reading technical books is often compared to eating our vegetables, but J.F. James writes so well and includes so many personal and historical lessons-learned that I had difficulty putting this book down. view article »

OPN Video


Yichen Shen and colleagues at MIT have, for the first time, demonstrated a system that can filter light of any wavelength based on its propagation direction. This video shows the system in action -- as the sample is rotated, it behaves like a mirror in all... view video »


In 2013, researchers at the National Institute of Optics in Florence, Italy, pioneered a new form of lens-free, infrared digital holography that can record holograms out of the focus plane and then numerically focus the image afterward. The technique may... view video »


This special issue of Optics & Photonics News highlights the most exciting peer-reviewed optics research to have emerged over the past 12 months. Our panel of editors reviewed close to 80 submitted summaries from scientists all over the globe. They selected... view video »


Like many cities, Rochester has faced challenging economic times in recent years. But despite the downsizing of Kodak—which was a key employer for years—Rochester has sustained a healthy rate of growth, thanks to its long tradition of excellence in... view video »


Rochester has a long history as a global center for imaging and optics research.  Early companies such as Kodak and Bausch & Lomb, along with the University of Rochester and its Institute of Optics, have played an important role in stimulating the city... view video »


This special issue of OPN highlights the most exciting peer-reviewed optics research to have emerged over the past 12 months. This year's issue includes 30 summaries representing the work of more than 150 authors from 15 countries. view video »

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